We are successfully advising and representing individuals, freelancers and companies since 2009 at our offices in Berlin and Kiel. We are representing our clients nationwide.

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In Berlin, our focus is on the provision of legal services for companies and thus in particular on the law of partnerships and corporations, intellectual property law, general commercial law as well as on contract consulting. In Kiel, our focus is on medical law, in particular in the law on medical malpractice, patients’ rights and the law on compensation for pain and suffering. Here we represent our clients confidentially and professionally with any kind of medical errors, treatment errors as well as consulting errors. Our other points of focus in Kiel lie in family law and contract consulting.

Practice Areas

Our range of services includes:

  • counselling on the foundation of an enterprise
  • preparation and assessment of articles of association
  • advice on the rights and duties of directors and executives
  • liability of directors and executives
  • advice on disputes between the members of a company
  • distribution law and the law of sales agents

In the medical field, too, mistakes are made where people work. However, this is a very sensitive area compared to most other areas of law, because the consequences of these errors for patients can be very serious. Not only do they face the psychological and physical consequences of the treatment error, but they suddenly face a very complex procedure, because doctors and hospitals often reject their responsibilities and their insurance companies usually have no interest in acknowledging a treatment error.

If you are in such a situation, you are in the right place with us. We advise and represent patients and physicians nationwide with treatment errors of all kinds and deal with a wide range of medical issues. In particular, we take care of damage and pain compensation regulation.

Our primary objective here is always to achieve a speedy, consensual solution, which often requires a negotiating tactical sensitivity. However, if such a solution does not emerge, it is also necessary to enforce the claims in court without unnecessarily wasting time.

In the field of design and trademark law we will accompany you through the whole process, from the conception of a design or a trademark and its registration to the pursuit of injunctive relief and indemnity claims in case of a registered rights infringement. Our services include for instance:

  • Examination of the possibility to register a design or a trademark
  • Research of the national and international design and trademark offices databases as to already existing third party rights
  • Registration of the design or trademark with the respective national or international office
  • Prolongation of the registration
  • Pursuit of or defence against injunctive relief and indemnity claims

Default or failure of payments can quickly become an existential risk especially for freelances, small and medium-sized companies. We therefore offer you an effective debt collection, from the first request for payment to the executory title:

  • collection of outstanding debts
  • entitlement of claims
  • efficient compulsory execution
  • claims filing in bankruptcy cases
  • representation in creditorsí meetings

We offer you a comprehensive criminal defense, from the first consultation to the defense in the investigation procedure to the judicial representation in all instances.

We represent your interests to all (law enforcement) authorities.
We are allowed to appear before all German criminal courts, and we are always careful to avoid a trial.

Other key points of our activity are: investigation procedure, penalty order, mandatory defense attorney, BTMG, investment fraud, detention test, probation, fine notice, administrative offence.

We advise you before, during and after the conclusion of civil law contracts, i.e. sales agreements, service contracts or leasing contracts and the respective terms and conditions. In this regard, we will examine the validity of the contract, the rights and duties resulting from it and the question of liability.

Especially for freelances, business owners and companies we offer an extensive examination of the contracts and terms and conditions employed in their day-to-day business. We will point out the immanent legal weaknesses and risks and develop a customised and legally sound contract which will help to minimise the danger of legal disputes.

Our services include legal consultation before and during the marriage, especially with the design and conclusion of marriage contracts. We are also advising our clients as to extra-marital cohabitation and registered partnerships. Legal consultation all around divorce does however constitute the core area of our activity. We will advise you for instance on:

  • divorce proceedings
  • child custody and visitation rights
  • claims for maintenance
  • separation agreements
  • family registration law

As for inheritance law our range of services includes:

  • advice on the design of wills and testaments
  • anticipated inheritance
  • claims for compulsory portion
  • dissolution of communities of heirs


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